Computer Help during the Pandemic

During these days of social distancing the most important things are to stay healthy, keep your spirits up, and be kind to one another. One irony of the pandemic is that it makes computer support more important than ever. Although I cannot make house calls, there are many ways I can help you navigate the technical demands of this time:

  • Remote computer assistance: By installing a temporary app that safely connects our two computers, I can diagnose and work on your issues while we are connected via phone.
  • Online meetings: whether you want to set up and host online meetings for your business, or make the most of the meetings you already take part in, I can help you with coaching, best practices, and technical set-up tips.
  • Choosing an online meeting platform: Zoom gets most of the attention, but several other great platforms are available for your online meetings. Learn the pros and cons of each one.
  • New equipment: Many aging computers are not meeting the increased demands of a world going online, driving their owners to shop for new systems. I can help assess your needs, make recommendations, and safely transfer your files to your new system—all remotely.
  • Websites: Do you want to establish a bolder, more positive and pro-active presence online? Now is the ideal time to launch that website you’ve been thinking about. I can help you get started building it yourself, or can quickly and efficiently build a site to meet any need.
  • Good advice: The world of online meetings changes quickly, as Zoom responds to technical shortcomings, and other competitors rise to challenge its dominance. Keep up with changes by following my blog, where you will also find plenty of technical tips and practical suggestions.