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Do you want to upgrade your computer system? Fix a problem? Gain confidence in your skills? My services can help you reach your goals.

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My lifetime of experience in computer support, web design, and teaching brings you the skills to ensure your computer needs are met.

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What my customers say ...

Skill, kindness, and integrity every step of the way

Ralph helped me select and set up a new computer for my home.  I am so grateful for his help – the prospect of struggling through this process on my own had kept me hanging on too long to my old computer. I really enjoyed working with him.  He thoughtfully assessed my

Kim Warren

Understands computers and knows how to communicate

Ralph is amazing!  He is so easy to work with and great at explaining things. He helped me move my psychotherapy website over to SquareSpace so that it would be easier to upload forms and make changes as needed. I had been using WordPress which was very confusing. As a

Sarah Janssen

Establishing a new website

Ralph was amazingly helpful when I needed to establish a web site to sell a product and lacked the technical ability to do so. Not only was he skillful in setting up the site, but he proactively offered his thoughts and insights on the site as well as related areas such

Michael Poock, Ph.D.

Skillful website design

People who visit my new website comment on its beauty and clarity. Ralph not only held to my ideas and intentions, but enthusiastically supported my authentic voice. He created many design solutions to produce a look or a feel that I wanted. Ralph is truly brilliant with words. He reshaped

Carol Verner

A model for excellent service

Cornelia Kip Lee

Thanks again for all your thoughtful and generous advice — you are a model for excellent service and helpfulness (and a pleasure to work with), making me a loyal customer! Chapel Hill, NC Feb 5,

Cornelia Kip Lee

What my 
customers say

Ralph’s assistance was vital in getting my home music teaching business up to date with a new computer and operating platform.

Hillsborough, NC

~ O ~

…  provided me with the essential software and guidance … to run our new business.

Siler City, NC

~ O ~

… excellent understanding of my needs, and patience with me as an older man and novice.

Perth, Australia

~ O ~