What my customers say

Understands computers and knows how to communicate

Ralph is amazing!  He is so easy to work with and great at explaining things. He helped me move my psychotherapy website over to SquareSpace so that it would be easier to upload forms and make changes as needed. I had been using WordPress which was very confusing. As a result, I was rarely inspired to update my website.

He also moved my husband's website for his books and publications over to SquareSpace so we can upload his new publications, etc., with more ease. Ralph understands computers and he also knows how to communicate with people who don't understand computers in a way that really works.  He is very versatile in the ways he can help. He taught me how to develop my forms so that I can save time and effort in my business. He is very reasonable in his pricing and operates with a great deal of integrity. Thank you Ralph!!!

Jul 16, 2020

What would we do without Ralph?

I find myself asking frequently, “What would we do without Ralph?”  We’re a brand-new volunteer-led group of interfaith people seeking solutions to climate change with a great sense of urgency.  From the beginning, Ralph gained a full understanding of our mission and its urgency.  Within the first several months of launch he helped us set up a Google contacts list of 350 members and a MailChimp email account so we can avoid bounce-backs. Meanwhile he trained volunteers to manage these tools and wrote a set of directions to help us.

Simultaneously he developed our website by working with yet another volunteer who provides extensive web content.  He continues to update the site and has scheduled a training session for more volunteers on how to write and submit blogs that will capture the imaginations of our readers.

He’s able to work across the leadership group of differing personalities and to speed the work in amazing ways.  His pleasant manner and wry sense of humor make it fun to work with him.  We know we can depend on him in an emergency as we did when we had to cancel a big meeting due to a snow event.  We trust him completely.  Truly we cannot do without him.

Feb 27, 2020

Reliable website management and coaching

I highly recommend Ralph. He has managed my website for my yoga business for the past two years, making monthly updates to my schedule and registration forms, posting time-sensitive announcements, and building special pages and registration forms when I hold workshops. He is fast, responsive, and reliable in making updates, as well as thoughtful and patient in understanding the needs of my yoga students and the changes I want to make.

In addition to managing the site, Ralph gives me editorial assistance and advice on my web content and the Constant Contact emails I send my students. His advice is straight to the point, and never fails to improve my written communications. He patiently and generously gives his time to help me understand the hidden features of my Apple MacBook computer and has helped me become a far more confident computer user.

His rates are reasonable and he is always available for quick consultations. He's your guy if you want website management, editorial help or improving your computer skills.

Feb 19, 2020

Establishing a new website

Ralph was amazingly helpful when I needed to establish a web site to sell a product and lacked the technical ability to do so. Not only was he skillful in setting up the site, but he proactively offered his thoughts and insights on the site as well as related areas such as editing  (where he had helpful skills that I didn’t possess). His style was very easy-going with a “can-do” attitude that made me feel he fully understood what I wanted, and he certainly did what was necessary to make my vision a reality.

He wasn’t afraid to offer helpful suggestions and feedback, even when it was contrary to what I initially wanted because he would explain why there was a better (and often cheaper) method to reach my desired end. When Ralph said he would have a draft site up by a given day and time, he did. When he said he would call me on a given day, he did. In short, he has great customer service skills. Or, in IT terms, he is highly user friendly! I highly recommend him and plan to utilize his services in the future.

Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 3, 2020

Skillful website design

People who visit my new website comment on its beauty and clarity. Ralph not only held to my ideas and intentions, but enthusiastically supported my authentic voice. He created many design solutions to produce a look or a feel that I wanted. Ralph is truly brilliant with words. He reshaped my text into a more readable and graceful flow while keeping the integrity of my voice. Working together was an exciting adventure. I warmly recommend Ralph to you for your web building.

Nov 18, 2019

Helped me many times in many ways

Ralph has helped me many times in many ways when I was stumped by technical issues. Among the many things he has helped me with, he:

- Taught me how to use iTunes, configured it, and helped me copy CDs and download them onto my iPod.
- Configured my printer and connected it with my WiFi and computer.
- Cleaned up my email application to make it more efficient and usable.
- Helped redesign my file system to make it easier to find files.
- Showed me how to download, open, and save attachments from emails.

Ralph is a patient teacher, with extensive experience in both computers and education.  He can work long-distance and will guide you step-by-step through the technology thicket.  Give him a call.  When I need computer help, I call Ralph.

Cary, NC
May 6, 2019

Great Experience

I was grateful to find Ralph to help me with my computer issues. The most important thing for me is that I trust him. He was very helpful cleaning up and eliminating unnecessary files and teaching me how to do this myself. I highly recommend Ralph.

Charlottesville, VA
Mar 7, 2019
Learning Strategies Unlimited

Confidence Building!!!

As a recent widow with a busy solo practice that involves academic and executive function coaching, and whose husband was her business manager, accountant AND tech support for decades, Ralph has been a godsend. His patience, listening skills, and understanding, coupled with solid knowledge and preparation, are all helping me move forward, take ownership, and gain confidence in the tech arena.

With his suggested combined strategies of homework for me, side-by-side tutoring, and some direct implementation on his part, we are "downsizing" to one computer, streamlining practices already in place, and I'm happy to say I'm moving forward in even the one area, technology, which scared me the most. Ralph is a gem and I highly recommend him to anyone in a similar transitional experience. Thank you, Ralph!

Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 25, 2019

A model for excellent service

Thanks again for all your thoughtful and generous advice — you are a model for excellent service and helpfulness (and a pleasure to work with), making me a loyal customer!

Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 5, 2019

Understanding and patience

Ralph, you are truly a helpful man with excellent understanding of my needs, and patience with me as an older man and novice, trying to navigate my computer use. Thank you for all your assistance and good advice.

Perth, Australia
Feb 5, 2019

Essential software and guidance

Ralph provided me with the essential software and guidance to ensure I have the best tools to run our new business. After he migrated our Quickbooks from Windows to Mac, he installed the on-line version and took the time to make sure I was comfortable using it.  Ralph’s good nature and professional experience are exceptional.

Siler City, NC
Feb 5, 2019

Updating to a new system

Ralph’s assistance was vital in getting my home music teaching business up to date with a new computer and operating platform.  He helped me assess my needs by thoroughly examining my old desktop system and inspiring me to envision all kinds of possible new uses for my technology. I was then able to go to the store armed with all the information and system requirements I needed to make the best possible purchase of a new 2-in 1 laptop!

Ralph then helped me transfer all my financial data from the past 17 years from an old, outdated program into the latest software on my new computer. He did his research before coming to my house, and knew exactly what pathway to take, in transferring my data multiple times before it could be brought up to date and safely preserved.

Ralph was excellent both at explaining things, and at listening carefully and asking questions to help figure out exactly what my needs were.  He’s also very calm and patient.  I highly recommend his services!

Hillsborough, NC
Feb 5, 2019