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Helped with Challenges Big and Small

I have known Ralph as a friend and fellow poet for over forty years. When I started preparing for retirement from being a District Court Judge in Orange and Chatham Counties and creating a mediation and consulting practice, I contacted him about helping me.

I am a perfect example of a functional but basically untrained user of computers and programs. Any problem that inhibits my use throws me into a tailspin. Others had tried to help me but I found them either not patient or too jargony to follow. Ralph has been neither.

He has helped me with challenges both big and small, from correcting problems caused by the mysteries of Microsoft to teaching me how to schedule and hold a zoom meeting, creating an online template for my LLC letterhead, guiding me through Google Slides, and finding solutions to weak internet connections at my home. He is very organized, non-judgmental, and has a wry sense of humor.

Last year he started encouraging me to think about a website, something I have shied away from. We finally started on it in November. He did a fabulous job editing sections of my text and designing formats and pages that were inviting to the eye.

In all the work we have done together, Ralph has been a great teacher and problem solver, at very reasonable and flexible rates. I couldn’t be where I am now in the work that brings me great satisfaction without his steadfast and kind help.


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