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Understands computers and knows how to communicate

Ralph is amazing!  He is so easy to work with and great at explaining things. He helped me move my psychotherapy website over to SquareSpace so that it would be easier to upload forms and make changes as needed. I had been using WordPress which was very confusing. As a result, I was rarely inspired to update my website.

He also moved my husband’s website for his books and publications over to SquareSpace so we can upload his new publications, etc., with more ease. Ralph understands computers and he also knows how to communicate with people who don’t understand computers in a way that really works.  He is very versatile in the ways he can help. He taught me how to develop my forms so that I can save time and effort in my business. He is very reasonable in his pricing and operates with a great deal of integrity. Thank you Ralph!!!

Chapel Hill, NC
Jul 16, 2020

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