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Updating to a new system

Ralph’s assistance was vital in getting my home music teaching business up to date with a new computer and operating platform.  He helped me assess my needs by thoroughly examining my old desktop system and inspiring me to envision all kinds of possible new uses for my technology. I was then able to go to the store armed with all the information and system requirements I needed to make the best possible purchase of a new 2-in 1 laptop!

Ralph then helped me transfer all my financial data from the past 17 years from an old, outdated program into the latest software on my new computer. He did his research before coming to my house, and knew exactly what pathway to take, in transferring my data multiple times before it could be brought up to date and safely preserved.

Ralph was excellent both at explaining things, and at listening carefully and asking questions to help figure out exactly what my needs were.  He’s also very calm and patient.  I highly recommend his services!

Hillsborough, NC
Feb 5, 2019

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