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Establishing a new website

Ralph was amazingly helpful when I needed to establish a web site to sell a product and lacked the technical ability to do so. Not only was he skillful in setting up the site, but he proactively offered his thoughts and insights on the site as well as related areas such as editing  (where he had helpful skills that I didn’t possess). His style was very easy-going with a “can-do” attitude that made me feel he fully understood what I wanted, and he certainly did what was necessary to make my vision a reality.

He wasn’t afraid to offer helpful suggestions and feedback, even when it was contrary to what I initially wanted because he would explain why there was a better (and often cheaper) method to reach my desired end. When Ralph said he would have a draft site up by a given day and time, he did. When he said he would call me on a given day, he did. In short, he has great customer service skills. Or, in IT terms, he is highly user friendly! I highly recommend him and plan to utilize his services in the future.

Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 3, 2020

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