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What would we do without Ralph?

I find myself asking frequently, “What would we do without Ralph?”  We’re a brand-new volunteer-led group of interfaith people seeking solutions to climate change with a great sense of urgency.  From the beginning, Ralph gained a full understanding of our mission and its urgency.  Within the first several months of launch he helped us set up a Google contacts list of 350 members and a MailChimp email account so we can avoid bounce-backs. Meanwhile he trained volunteers to manage these tools and wrote a set of directions to help us.

Simultaneously he developed our website by working with yet another volunteer who provides extensive web content.  He continues to update the site and has scheduled a training session for more volunteers on how to write and submit blogs that will capture the imaginations of our readers.

He’s able to work across the leadership group of differing personalities and to speed the work in amazing ways.  His pleasant manner and wry sense of humor make it fun to work with him.  We know we can depend on him in an emergency as we did when we had to cancel a big meeting due to a snow event.  We trust him completely.  Truly we cannot do without him.

Raleigh, NC
Feb 27, 2020

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