Moving into Wholeness

Carol Verner ~ LMBT

A center for Yoga and the Healing Arts in Carrboro, NC

My Philosophy of Health and Healing

Moving Into Wholeness is a center for yoga and alternative and complementary health care therapies, including CranioSacral Therapy, Body-Mind Integration and Massage Therapy.

The heart of my work is to help each client embody optimum health and joy. I integrate the best of science and spirit and draw on my years of experience as both a teacher of yoga and as a healing arts therapist to support health and well-being. I use skilled touch, movement and deep stillness as catalysts for healing that engages body, mind, and spirit.

To achieve and maintain health requires balance. All treatments at Moving Into Wholeness stimulate and strengthen our natural capacity for self-healing. I facilitate healthy realignment through gentle processes. These range from yoga sequences that create a sense of peace and well-being to CranioSacral Therapy where specific holds open energy pathways.

When fully relaxed, the body’s self-regulating, self-healing capacities are most active. The integrative nature of stillness is evident in the beaming smiles of students emerging from Deep Relaxation at the end of a yoga class or a client getting off the massage table.